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Minecraft has won the hearts of millions of players and is currently one of the most popular games for computers, consoles and mobile devices. The player creates a world from various types of rectangular blocks. The game world is open and offers endless possibilities of creating and destroying buildings. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to obtain additional resources that will allow you to create new things. In the game, the task is to take care of your character and ensure its survival. By the way, you can admire the landscapes created by players from around the world.

Enter OnlyGames.io and discover games similar to Minecraft. First start with Minecraft Builder to get a feel for Minecraft. This game gives you lots of opportunities to build and destroy landscapes and buildings. If you want to stay in the atmosphere of Minecraft, but move away from building for a moment, try your hand at the logical skill game Miniblock Rotate and Fly Adventure. The player jumps with a Minecraft man, choosing the right direction. You have to overcome the whole path home, full of monsters and obstacles.

Games similar to Minecraft are also multiplayer shooters such as Blocky Wars Advanced Combat SWAT Multiplayer. It is a free to play game with 3D graphics. Connect with your friends and play out a pixelated match to the death.

Games similar to Minecraft allow you to create and discover new items. Initially, the player has only basic tools, and over the course of the game, he learns which items need to be improved to discover new tools. Similar rules apply to the full version of Minecraft.

aplikacja mobilna