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Fishing Online


About the game Fishing Online

Fishing Online - it's not what you think

After reading the name, Fishing Online may seem to simulate the drastic practice of catching innocent fish. Meanwhile, your goal is exactly the opposite! Save the fish from suffocation by bringing life-giving water to where it is stuck. Combine in such a way as not to harm it - watch out for deceptions in the form of a strange, yellowish goo and other obstacles that you will encounter sooner or later on your way.

In each level of Fishing Online you collect stars, which will later allow you to make "purchases" in the game - at some stage you can exchange your swimming friend for another animal. However, you need to act efficiently and effectively.

Each level also brings new challenges - enemies to overcome, more complicated problems and the need to tactically plan your movements so as not to harm the fish. Fishing Online is at first glance a simple puzzle, which over time turns into a challenge for logical thinking.


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