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Bob The Robber


About the game Bob The Robber

Bob the Thief - the adventures of a friendly robber

Fancy a bit of adrenaline at its best? Do you love detective stories written by the first-person narrator, from the perspective of ... the villain? Want to know if you have enough cunning to trick important characters, thereby becoming a hero of the legendary Robin Hood? You can prove yourself in this role by choosing the game Bob Thief - these are the wonderful adventures of a little robber who, after all, only has fun. Take this game with a grain of salt and find a lot of fun for yourself.

Bob the Thief, as well as other parts of this series, are classic platformers - you move a small character with the keyboard arrows, looking for opportunities to show your cunning, intelligence and cunning. There is a whole series of exciting events ahead of you in various locations - choose one for the so-called good start, and then start a covert operation. Does Bob need to find the notes in the room on the other side of the house full of people? It's your job to help him do that!

Okay, then it's time to test the gray cells. You move with the arrows on the keyboard, that's obvious, but how can you explore the territory of the building without having the keys to all the rooms? The answer is clear - you have to get them. Use stairs, ladders and elevators to efficiently move between levels and keep a close eye on all the elements that may hold some secrets. A sheet of paper left behind? It's worth reading it! Mysterious cardboard boxes that could fit a whole lot of treasures? Bob the thief will not pass them by indifferently!

Be especially careful in rooms where there are others - watch out for lasers that are ready to reveal your presence, as well as for ordinary light, where it is easy to reveal yourself. The Shadow is Thief Bob's greatest ally, and the rarely traveled paths are definitely a better choice than the crowded rooms. Brave, agile and clever Bob can handle all the challenges without any problems!

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