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Stealth games - games with a thrill

Do you associate those scenes in the movies when the heroes sneak into someone else's apartments, offices or headquarters to conduct their investigations? They can cause a lot of emotions! In stealth games, you can play as such a character and hack yourself - it will be fun! Choose a theme and start the adventure of a super secret agent or an ordinary robber.

Bob The Robber (and in the Polish language version of the Robber Bob) is a type of stealth that will provide you with great fun for long hours (there are as many as seven parts!). This simple platformer is about traveling as a clever eponymous robber around various buildings in search of various wonders. There are stairs, doors, secret passages at your disposal, and - with a little cunning - access to secret codes that can be useful for uncovering closely guarded secrets. Stay in the dark, watch out for alarms and best of all, don't get caught!

Another interesting stealth game is the Money Movers series, also available in various languages. You control two shady guys who are just leaving the prison (in an unauthorized way, of course). Help them cleverly maneuver between the traps in such a way that the whole action is successful. One of the buddies is small and agile, the other is big and strong, so they have to work together to overcome all obstacles. Watch out for the guards - they want to frustrate the whole thing!

aplikacja mobilna