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Thieves - games in which you will show your cunning and cunning

Do you love escape rooms, but don't waste your pocket money? Here's a proposition for you: games from the "thieves" category fit your taste 100%! These are platformers in which the heroes are waiting for many obstacles, logical puzzles and intelligence tests. If you do them successfully, you can move from level to level. However, if your leg lapses, you are forced to go back to the previous level. Be cunning by solving all the most difficult puzzles.

The first series of proposals is Money Movers, about two criminals escaping from prison. This is a difficult path, on which they encounter not only technical problems, but also guards and other characters who want to make it difficult for them. Save them from oppression by skillfully combining. Do you have a problem on one of the levels? Use the hints available! The first part has as many as 20 levels, and in the next ones you can also get out of the way. Remember: take bags of money and don't get caught!

There are more or less popular thieves in the gaming world. The well-known ones include Bob the Thief. It's also a platformer where you move around as a funny little thief. Discover the secrets of the buildings you visit - remove all padlocks and locks, avoid laser alarms. To know what to do, carefully read the sticky notes that come your way. Bob the thief has so many parts that it will surely take many evenings to get through them all.

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