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Zombies Vs Halloween


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About the game Zombies Vs Halloween

The undead are coming! In the Wild West! During Halloween! Ah! Zombies vs arcade game However, Halloween will allow you to repel this evil attack on the Day of the Dead and get back at the undead. Grab your board, cowboy!

zombies vs. Halloween is undoubtedly a real explosive mixture. Because how else to describe an arcade game set in the world of the Wild West, overrun by a zombie apocalypse, and during the dark Halloween holiday? Here you can really expect everything! Try yourself, if you dare, take on the role of a cowboy and fight the undead in the browser game Zombies vs. Halloween, free on Game Planet. Just don't forget to bring your pumpkin.

The Wild West is not a joke, there is some danger lurking at every step, and when it is about to be attacked by a horde of the living dead, it starts to get really unpleasant. As one of the best gunslingers, you are the last hope for helpless victims of the apocalypse. The main task in the game is to move around the vast steppes and fight zombies with almost anything that can be an effective weapon.

There are boards with nails, axes, pistols, shotguns, dynamite and even an armored pumpkin. Along the way, you encounter various characters that need to be protected from the undead attacking them. In exchange for rescue, you can receive numerous useful rewards and new opportunities in the game, such as your own armory, support point with ammo and medicine, or a saloon where you hire helpers. Characters typical of the world of the Wild West play the role of green pleasanties, including Indians, common farmers, pastors and ladies. Each next level is more and more difficult, and from time to time you will face one of the powerful Bosses.

Features Zombies vs. halloween

- An arcade game with shooter elements;

- Ability to upgrade your own character;

- Fight against many opponents and powerful Bosses;

- Fun comic graphics;

- Unforgettable fun in the most original game on the web.

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