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Zombies are monsters that appear in various types of online games. Sometimes terrible, often funny, but almost always the player's task is to destroy them.

In "zombie road" games, the gameplay is based on driving a heavily armed vehicle and trying to run over as many zombies as possible. You should avoid hitting cars or other obstacles.

Online browser games involving the massacre of zombies are arcade titles in which the player, in addition to the main task of dealing with successive waves of zombies, can receive new types of weapons, armor and cover against enemies. Often in such games there are mini-games sewn in, where the player has the possibility of obtaining additional income - eg "match 3" or shooting bubbles.

Zombie Hunters, on the other hand, are an example of a more complex game in which the player carries out the entire career of his character, gains new levels and improvements. All this to save yourself and the world from the monstrous undead.

The zombie theme is often found in halloween themed games.

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