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Zombie Massacre


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About the game Zombie Massacre

The arcade game Zombie Massacre takes players to the Wild West... overrun by Zombies! Fight the undead, acquire new equipment and upgrade abilities to survive in the Undead West!

As you know, the Wild West is not a safe place... gunslingers, criminal gangs and vultures patiently circling overhead. What if we add a zombie apocalypse to the mix? Then we will get the browser game Zombie Massacre, which is an explosive mix, straight from horror movies, treated with a pinch of salt. Play now the free Zombie Massacre game on Game Planet, take on the role of a real cowboy and kill zombies with whatever you can.

As an old Native American proverb says: "there is only one thing worse than an attack by angry Apaches - an attack by angry Apaches turned into zombies"! This challenge will be faced by our character, who will have to face not only undead Indians, but also other characters typical of the Wild West, who have unfortunately become a bit greener than usual. These include gunslingers, saloon ladies, pastors and farmers, each with different skills and weapons. The player's task is to wander through the vast steppes, defend defenseless wanderers and exterminate the encountered zombies. In exchange for helping strangers, you can unlock new opportunities in the game and win valuable prizes.

Over time, the player has an armory at his disposal, where he obtains new weapons, a support point with medicines or cartridges, and a saloon where he recruits helpers. Each subsequent stage of the game is also an element of the overall plot, preserved in a comic style, during which you meet new allies and enemies, and from time to time you can come across a powerful Boss. Fun colorful graphics, unusual opponents and increasingly difficult challenges are just some of the features that make Zombie Massacre free game original and addictive fun for everyone. Play now on Game Planet and don't get out!

Features of Zombie Massacre

- Original arcade game;

- An unusual combination of the Wild West and the zombie apocalypse;

- Fun comic graphics;

- Many enemies and Bosses to defeat;

- An extraordinary arsenal of weapons at your disposal.

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