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Touch Fishing - catching fish slowly

Catching fish without a net and a fishing rod - can it even be successful? Of course it is, and certainly in Touch Fishing, which is a relaxing game with a colorful interface in which you will have a pleasant time collecting satisfying trophies. Your task is to collect as many different fish as possible with your hand. One fish is one point, and you only have (or as much as) thirty seconds to catch them in one go. Show your reflexes and catch as many water creatures as possible. Later, of course, you can humanely release them into the water so that they can continue to play with others.

Touch Fishing does not require any special skills, but some of them certainly help to polish. Perceptiveness and reflexes are what can come in handy while having fun. Depending on whether you are using a touchscreen device (such as a convenient tablet) or not, you can click with your finger or hand. This first version can make your cat a lot of fun too! Be careful if you have an interested, fluffy quadruped nearby who would love to catch a fish or two in their paws.

After 30 seconds, the results are analyzed and you are informed whether this time you managed to break another record or not. Hitting a fish is not that trivial, and blind clicking will largely lead you to the field, so try to aim straight at the fish stomachs or mouths. The little ones that are hard to hit should count twice, right?

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