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About the game Rail Runner

We absolutely do not recommend running on railway tracks or any other games near them. However, no one said that such activity cannot be the basis of fun in a video game. The authors of Subway Runner proved that it can be great entertainment!

Subway Runner is a representative of the so-called genre. endless runners. These are games in which our task is to get as far as possible, regardless of who or what we control. In this case, we take control of a self-proclaimed sprinter who has chosen railway and subway tracks as his training area. While running, we make only two moves - jump and slide. The first helps us overcome low obstacles (such as various types of railings or boxes), and the second - high ones (such as concrete installations). We don't have to press any key to run. The main character moves forward all the time without our help, and we focus only on jumping and sliding.

The road to the championship is not easy...

In theory, it seems very simple, but in practice it turns out that mastering this art requires a lot of practice. Running a few hundred meters and collecting dozens of coins is a piece of cake, but achieving a result that you can boast of may require even hours of training. We collect these coins all the time during the run, and they are used both to achieve better and better results (what really matters is how many coins we collect, not how far we run, although of course the two are closely related) and and to buy from the in-house shop to upgrade power-ups such as the coin magnet and the score multiplier.

... requires work on yourself

Each power-up has seven levels of advancement, but the higher the level we want to buy, the more we have to pay. However, without improvements, we have no chance of achieving truly spectacular results, so investing in them is a necessity. It is worth mentioning that in the shop we only improve their operation, but we cannot obtain them permanently to use them whenever we feel the need. In order to use any of the power-ups, you must first find and grab them during the run. It's an added challenge, but isn't that what the fun is all about? In our opinion, definitely yes!

How about a skeleton run?

In the shop available in Subway Runner, we can also buy additional skins for our hero. If we get bored of the basic one - a hooded boy - there are two more waiting for us: a girl in a panda costume and ... a skeleton.

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