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Parkour Block 3D


About the game Parkour Block 3D

Parkour Block 3D - jump to the next level of gameplay!

Parkour Block 3D is an online game in which you play as a parkour player and have to travel through different cities by climbing and avoiding obstacles. The game is characterized by high-quality 3D graphics and a realistic model of character movement. While playing, you have a range of skills and acrobatics at your disposal, including jumping, climbing, running on walls or flying with grapples.

You have to maintain the right balance - you have to avoid falling and be in constant motion. The game offers many interesting locations where players can face more and more challenges. The cities where the action takes place are full of public buildings, bridges, rooftops and other objects - you can use them to demonstrate various tricks.

Parkour Block 3D game rules

The goal of the game is to complete the next levels using parkour jumps. To do this, use the arrow keys or WASD; use the spacebar or the shift key to jump. In each level, the player has a certain amount of time to complete it. The contestant must skilfully avoid obstacles to avoid collisions; nor can it fall from a great height, because it threatens the loss of life. And you have three lives at your disposal at each stage. If you die once, you go back to the beginning to start your run all over again. The player receives points for each completed level and for spectacular stunts. After each of them, you have the opportunity to acquire new skills or upgrades for the points you earn.

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