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Parkour - something (not only) for flexible and fast people

Are you a fan of extreme games? Are you fascinated by the street fun of parkour fans? Test this discipline on your own skin! A series of great offers await you, each with something different to offer. Have fun with the simulator of fantastic racetracks and drive through them in the best style. Test jumps, climbing and various aerial stunts - but be careful not to damage yourself. Take care of the right technique, choose interesting methods of operation and discover new routes.

Cyberpunk Ninja Runner is one of the interesting proposals from the parkour collection. Here you play the role of a warrior whose task is to move from point A to point B. It sounds simple, doesn't it? Meanwhile, along the way, you will encounter a lot of unexpected adversities in the form of benches, stone blocks, steps or walls that you will have to overcome. Fortunately, your character is perfectly prepared for this purpose - trained muscles with adequate strength and flexibility are the key to success! Beat the next levels in the best style.

Another suggestion could be Kogama Rainbow Parkour. This is a game in which you move a slightly angular but athletic fighter, whose task is to overcome the track. Reach the flag while discovering various secrets along the way. The game features distinctive LEGO-style graphics as well as lovely, colorful scenery. The little ones will also like it! Use the arrows to control your character and have a great time.

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