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Horror - fun for those who like to be scared

Thriller thrill is not enough for you and you need stronger stimuli? Are you not afraid of the challenges that can cause a spike of adrenaline and cortisol? Horror is the section of games that are perfect for you - full of unsettling sounds of creaking floors, mysterious groans, suspicious looking stains and strange marks ... Come in if you don't have fear or like to eat fear.

Real horror can be found in the games of the Slenderman series. The title character is a successful villain in hiding, who, however, leaves some traces behind him. Your task is to track him down - take it easy, you have several weapons with you with the right amount of ammunition, so in case of a sudden encounter, you will certainly be able to handle it (as long as you stay cool!). Meanwhile, tirelessly explore the dark spaces, looking for solutions to puzzles and items that will prove that the title mysterious Slenderman exists.

Granny House is another horror movie with a chilling setting - the first level begins with a stay in a terrifying hospital, which is full of bloodstained beds, disturbing noises and dingy objects. Your task is to get out of this terrible place in such a way as not to arouse suspicions of grandma and not make excessive noises. Prepare for a difficult journey and keep your eyes peeled, because at any moment someone (or… something) may attack you with force. Then just blow away!

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