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Atmospheric games - a pinch of horror and adrenaline

Are you looking for games that have something that is hard to define? Do you like testing new products, and are not afraid of challenges and slightly spooky atmosphere? A list of proposals under the slogan of climate games opens in front of you, in which you will find a lot of interesting facts and addictive proposals. Sit back and start testing them.

Big Neon Tower Vs Tiny Square is a platform proposal with very simple graphics - you move around the tower in a tiny, inconspicuous square, whose task is ... to release the pineapple. A lot of challenges await him - jumping over walls several times or even several times higher than him, avoiding deadly moving objects, climbing, finding hidden passages and switches ... Although this simple game, controlled with the keyboard, brings a lot of fun and satisfaction. What additionally provides an atmospheric experience? It's definitely an atmosphere-building melody, so don't give up on it while you play!

Dracula, Frankenstein & Co is a game that can also be entered in the "climate" section, but the style is completely different. The terrifying title characters want to take over the world, and your goal is to help them do so. Equip them with weapons, organize secret alliances with other heroes and go on a murderous hunt. Unconventional tasks await you, such as killing an entire village of inhabitants. Try to save the monsters from inevitable death by methodically completing missions, and let disturbing notes flow from the speakers.



aplikacja mobilna