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About the game Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja - be careful, it's really addictive!

Chopping, slicing and slitting - that's your job. In Fruit Ninja, you can relax in a slightly different way than when you play slow Tetris or smash balls in Bubble Shooters. A real mission for a professional awaits you here. Become a full-fledged ninja, gradually increasing your powers all the time. Remember, however, that you are entering a world that draws you in completely - your life will never be the same again. Are you curious about what adventures await you here? Then it's time to start!

A little warm-up will be a good start - see if you can wield a blade at all to get to the fun. Classic mode, which you will be operating in here, has a few different little nuances that are worth knowing in order not to be surprised. Let's start with the mechanics of the game - grab your perfectly sharp knife by the handle and give it a good swing to split the fruit in two. All you need to do is hold down the mouse or touchpad, and in the case of a touch screen - swipe your finger in the right place. Managed to? So it's time to move on!

The start of Fruit Ninja is rather calm. The first fruit appears on the board, tossed for you from below, and you have to make it cut properly before it falls back down. So you only have a few seconds to do it, but don't worry - that's enough. Next, more examples of juicy fruits begin to appear - bananas, kiwi, pineapples and oranges. If you manage to cut more than one piece with one swipe of the blade, a so-called combo will be created and you will gain extra points!

Be careful not to let the fruits that have not yet been cut fall to the bottom - three such accidents will lead to a quick game over. Just like accidentally hitting a bomb. This is never a good idea! Take the Fruit Ninja challenge and beat your own records every time. The room for maneuver is really large, and it can be even better each time.

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