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If you're wondering if you can survive a Zombie apocalypse in a world overrun by the living dead, Fly or Die will help you find the answer. Take the controls of the plane and embark on an exciting journey over a world devastated by an uneven fight with the dead. You'd think you'd be safe flying above the mess, but you're not! Numerous obstacles set at different heights will make it impossible for you to lose your vigilance even for a second.

Fly or Die will allow you to train your reflexes and hand-eye coordination. Simple controls will make you fully focus on the extremely difficult task waiting in front of you in the form of helping decimated humanity. While doing so, get rid of as many zombies as possible so that they no longer threaten the living survivors, while you admire the destruction they have managed to wreak. Above all, however, watch out for the ruins of buildings on which you can crash, which will result in instant death, and thus: the need to move to the hangar.

The farther you can fly, the better. This will allow you to earn points, which will then be used to upgrade your aircraft. Thanks to this, he will be faster and stronger, so getting rid of zombies will be even more effective than before. It will also be harder to break such a technologically advanced machine, so if you hit an obstacle, you won't immediately go back to the hangar, and thus you won't have to start from the very beginning of the route.

You'll love Fly or Die's cartoonish graphics and suspenseful music that will immerse you in a world overrun by blood-curdling undead. Although the game world lies in ruins, the board is interesting and varied, and crowds of zombies can surprise even after hundreds of kilometers, when it seems that you have everything under control. Don't be dead! Reach the last bastion of healthy, living people, bringing them help and hope for a better tomorrow.

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