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Boeing Flight Simulator 3D


About the game Boeing Flight Simulator 3D

Boeing Flight Simulator 3D is a Boeing 737 simulator whether you are flying with passengers, loaded or on a wide variety of missions! Start with a leisurely flight between the two airports to understand the advanced mechanics of the game, and to earn points and money necessary to undertake more complex tasks, as well as to purchase new machines for your hangar.

Multidimensional flights will present you with a solid challenge that only the most skillful players will meet. Boeing Flight Simulator 3D has amazing graphics that make you feel like you are in a real flight. The physics of piloting airplanes is modeled on the real mechanics and aerodynamics of the real world.

All this means that this simulator could almost be used as a tool for recruiting real pilots. So what, you want to get a license and be able to wear a badge with wings on your jacket? Fasten your seatbelts, start the engine and soar above the clouds in the controls of a Boeing 737 in Boeing Flight Simulator 3D!


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