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Bike Racing 3


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About the game Bike Racing 3

Bike Racing is a popular and addictive series of racing games. This time, the third round of racing in the mountains is waiting for you! In Bike Racing 3, however, you will no longer be racing against time. Choose the bike that's right for you, choose one of the challenging endless routes and try to drive as far as possible without tipping over!

Each of the two-wheeled vehicles has its own advantages in different areas. Use a scooter to traverse the hills, choose a cross bike to jump over dunes, or try a heavy classic bike in arctic conditions!

All tracks in Bike Racing 3 are filled with an endless number of hills and obstacles. Collect as many coins as possible, reach checkpoints and perform acrobatics to get bonus coins! Spend the prize money to unlock new bikes and tracks, or invest in a more powerful engine or better tires to help you keep going and beat your record so far !! Play Bike Racing 3 now for free and experience hours of exciting racing!

Bike Racing 3 key features

  • 5 different vehicles to choose from
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • 5 different routes
  • 4 different vehicle parameters that can be upgraded
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