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About the game Apple Shooter

Imagine that you are holding a real bow in your hand, and at some distance from you there is ... Your friend with an apple on his head that you want to shoot. Fortunately, Apple Shooter in the browser version does not raise dilemmas in the category of trusting the other person, its shooting skills and external circumstances that can change the arrow's flight trajectory. The worst that could happen here is just game over!

Apple Shooter is an arcade challenge, and in each subsequent level you move a little further from your target and you have to set the angle and tighten the string so tightly to aim precisely at the fruit. If you hit a little higher, nothing will happen, you just miss. And if a little too low… well, for your virtual friend it won't end well! End of fun and possible return to the very beginning, up to the first level. Take the challenge and become the top shooter. Trust your options, but don't overestimate them!

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