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Archery - the art of archery

The emotions associated with sport are easy to share - growing skills, adrenaline, endorphins and a lot of satisfaction are definitely pleasant aspects of activity and even fatigue does not inhibit this joy! If archery is something you've always wanted to try, but somehow didn't add up to it without leaving your home, check if it's something for you. Or at least take a look at what archery is all about. All you need is a computer and access to the Internet. And under what titles can you read it?

Archer Master 3D is almost a jump into deep water - virtual, so don't worry about hurting yourself or someone else. At the beginning you have to choose which character of the archer you will control: there are two sexes and several images for each. Then the fun of the tower defense series begins. Of course, your weapon is the bow - shooting a bow is necessary to chase away intruders and prevent them from reaching your walls, because it will end badly for you.

Apple Shooter is a proposition of a different caliber, but also very interesting and related to archery. Here you are faced with the challenge of hitting the apple with an arrow, which ... is on someone's head. Under no circumstances should you try this at home! With each level you get a bit further away from the character, so the task becomes more and more difficult. Tighten the string, set the power and aim. Glory await you when you hit, and of course bonus points, if you miss - your companion will splash in blood, which will lower your score. Good luck with your archery!

aplikacja mobilna