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Wheely 2


About the game Wheely 2

Wheely 2 - adventures of a small car

The series of browser games about the little Wheely car makes a real furor among children. Not without a reason - the nice red hunchback is a lot of fun and allows you to spend time pleasantly. If you have at least fifteen minutes ahead of you that you want to use in some way, and you have no idea how - run Wheely 2 on your computer or tablet to relax and train your gray cells a little. The rules are extremely simple, so check them out and start having fun!

Wheely 2 has an uncomplicated mechanic that, however, requires a little thought. Your task is to guide the car through the entire board in such a way that it does not suffer any damage to health and, as little as possible, reaches the desired finish line, marked with a flag. To do this, you need to open passages for it, remove obstacles from the path and cleverly maneuver the cranes that will help you get where you need to.

The game has many levels, and each subsequent one is more and more difficult. It starts out really innocent - a few moves and you are already at the finish line. Later it is a bit more difficult, and there is also a pink car that will mess up the gameplay and the mind of nice Wheely. If you have children or younger siblings, invite the youngest to play - they will have a lot of fun and pleasure! Playing together can be even more fun, especially if you have to manage a boring afternoon somehow. Enjoyable game!

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