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About the game Just Draw

Just Draw - Just Draw It!

Do you like artistic challenges? Just Draw is sure to give you that - you start with a simple task, and then move on to the next one. The game is long and with each level it becomes more and more demanding, but you will certainly meet these tasks without any problem! However, if you are worried that for some reason you will not be able to cope - ask the children for help, and they will already know what to do. After all, this game is made for them first and foremost!

Just Draw is a browser game that functions on extremely simple rules. An unfinished picture appears on the screen in front of you, and your task is to draw the missing elements in such a way that it becomes complete. Try to deal with it yourself, and if you find it impossible - ask for a hint. Start by correcting the already marked lines in order to guess what to do and how in the next levels.

You can play Just Draw from the computer position, drawing with a mouse or touchpad, and from a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet (then all you need is a touch screen). Fun, apart from pure pleasure, also teaches precision, abstract thinking and has an educational value contained in the messages. At the end of each board, you get information about what you have just created - whether it will be an alarm clock, a banana, or a teddy bear that had to be drawn in a leg. Have fun!

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aplikacja mobilna