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Easter Cookies


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Easter Cookies - pre-holiday pastries

Regardless of whether your family home is celebrating Easter or not - you probably know what some Christmas traditions look like. One of them is making fancy cakes, which can vary depending on the part of the world and part of the country. The Easter Cookies game is probably the American version of Easter proposals. You have an important mission to accomplish to create adorable cookies in various shapes. A lot depends on you here, so if you like the possibility of personalizing objects in computer games - you will surely enjoy it.

Easter Cookies is a complete proposal, containing not only all the ingredients necessary to make cookies, but also a reliable recipe and tutorial. While completing the task, you can use the hints all the time to finally reach the point where you only have to decorate the cookies. Before that, however, you need to combine the ingredients in the right configuration, knead, roll, cut out with molds, and then bake them in a properly heated oven, remove, cool and proceed to decorating.

Colorful frosting, pretty glazes, sprinkles, decorations and other beautiful accessories - let your imagination run wild and decorate cookies with fullness - or, in fact, do it the way you like. Invite your youngest relatives to play Easter Cookies and you will see how much fun it will bring them. Merry Christmas!

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