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Baby Hazel Fishing Time


About the game Baby Hazel Fishing Time

Baby Hazel Fishing Time - an adventure with fish

Baby Hazel Fishing Time is one of the games from the series about the little girl Hazel. The cute critter is very stubborn and the fun starts with the idea of fishing. Uncle convinces her that the weather is not suitable for it, but the tears and stomping of feet are doing their job and the preparations for the fishing trip begin. First, you need to prepare and carefully pack the necessary equipment: a fishing trip is not a joke, you need to have the right accessories. A fishing rod, bait, containers, appropriate clothing ... It can all come in handy in the real world. In the game, you have to help Hazel with the travel essentials.

Baby Hazel Fishing Time requires no crazy skills from players. You don't need smarts, logic or agility here, because the game is actually a story in which you are indirectly involved. Your task is to search for things that need to be done next. Do you know english This may come in handy, because this is the language that the game communicates with us. Dialogues are an interesting variety to the whole, as they tell the story and present the context of all events.

As for the game mechanism itself, it is really extremely simple. This is a point and click game, so all you need to do is find the place where the item or object you are looking for is located and click there with the cursor (or your finger if you are playing on a touch screen). What will happen then? You will see because history is just unfolding. Have fun with Hazel!

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