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Penguin Diner


About the game Penguin Diner

Penguin Diner - help Penny get home

Do you like games in which you have the opportunity to test simulations of various daily activities, events or work in specific professions? Here is Penguin Diner, which is a simulator of work in a cafeteria. You play as Penny the Penguin, who got a bit distracted while trekking in Antarctica, then completely lost her path and landed in a strange, completely unknown place. What happened next? Perhaps the other members of the expedition could not wait any longer and returned to each other, losing any hope of finding their friend?

Meanwhile, Penny has landed in a different part of the settlement, and with no money, she is unable to return home to her family. The Penguin Diner game begins when Penny starts working in an igloo-located restaurant. He wants to spend the money earned there on a return ticket. Or maybe he will collect enough to put something aside for your own pleasure? Either way, she has an adventure in life as a waitress. Help her take on her responsibilities!

In Penguin Diner, your tasks include seating customers at tables, picking up orders, serving dishes, and generally keeping your guests happy. If everything goes as it should, enough coins will end up in Penguin's pocket. And when you have completed your task in the first pub, you move to the next one to gradually get closer to the house. It is definitely a game worth recommending for both adults and children. Have fun!

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