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About the game Dynamons 2

Dynamons 2 - Weird Creatures Trainer

Do you know Pokemon? If so, you might also be interested in Dynamons 2, i.e. Dynamonki. Here's a crew of cute, slightly quirky creatures ready to go head-to-head with others. The battlefield is a two-person mini-game where you can present your various competences. Put the training version to the test and choose your own cute Dynamon right afterwards and enjoy the many, many levels with him. If you do not know them yet, follow your heart when choosing: perhaps you will be charmed by a name, appearance, color or sweet eyesight.

Dynamons 2 gives you one most important task - to fight individual creatures and, above all, to win, preferably without a single scratch. Of course, this is not 100% feasible, but getting closer to the ideal is always a positive phenomenon. As you play the game, you slowly start to learn new attack techniques and learn new things. A slight scratch at the beginning, and with time - bubble weapons, fire frenzy or a chute of stones are only part of the arsenal of your fancy ammunition. Remember that duels also have a limited duration!

The game is simple, dynamic (as the creature species name might also suggest) and very addictive. You keep climbing to new levels, you are getting better and better, and thanks to that you want more and more. You can easily play Dynamons 2 on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. So what, do you want to become a champion?

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