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Dr Panda Airport


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About the game Dr Panda Airport

Dr. Panda Airport - take a pandolot for adventures

Dr. Panda Airport is one of the fantastic offers of a browser game with Dr. Panda in the lead role. This pet is a real omnibus! Not only does he know everything, but he also runs countless businesses and enterprises. You can discover them all by browsing and testing Dr. Panda games and meanwhile helping him take care of a huge international airport with lots of different pets. Surely they are all friends and friends of Panda!

Dr Panda Airport is a real airport simulator full of fun and exciting challenges. Despite the animated "realities" in the game and the extremely colorful, fairy-tale scenery, your tasks very often resemble those that must be performed by airport employees in the real world (i.e. at airports that are basically operated by people and also used by people). The fancy reality of cute animals allows you to slightly lower the rigor and just enjoyable fun.

Your tasks include checking flight tickets and passports, stamping them, carrying out baggage check-in and airport control (all electronic devices must be put on a special tray, remember about it!) And finally ensuring that the pandolot leaves on time. Dr Panda Airport is a great way to familiarize children with the complex realities of airports that look very similar. So enjoy the game, Dr. Pando!

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