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Coloring Books Animals


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About the game Coloring Books Animals

Kids love to color. Thanks to the "Coloring Book" they will start to paint on the computer screen. Six cute animals and a dozen or so virtual felt-tip pens are waiting for them. The finished job can be easily printed.

The creators of "Coloring Book: Animals" have prepared six black and white sketches with bold outlines. Children will surely like the big-eared bunny and the bear sitting on his butt, and there is also a horse, a mad cow, a dog and a crouching lion. After selecting any of the sketches, the toddler can start painting. Using the mouse, he reaches for the markers visible at the bottom of the screen and then decorates the drawing with them. The contours cannot be blurred, thanks to which the work looks much better.

The finished drawing can be saved to disk, printed or erased, which is done by the icons on the left side of the desktop. The icons on the right allow you to go back to the drawing selection screen, turn the sound on and off, or enlarge the work to full screen. And you don't have to waste paper... in line with ecological trends!

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