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Fish Eat Grow Big


About the game Fish Eat Grow Big

Fish Eat Grow Big - natural selection in an aquatic environment

If you know and like games similar to Agar.io, Fish Eat Grow Big also has a chance to win you over. It is a game with a simple mechanism, which consists in the need to develop your character by devouring the elements placed on the board. The trick is that the smaller the fish, the easier it becomes to, um, "confuse" with a nutritious food ... It's just game over for you ...

Delicious fun can be played alone or in multiplayer mode. If you want more emotions, invite your brother, friend or dad to play Fish Eat Grow Big - maybe they will be happy to play with you, and the game will then turn into real blushes. The character is controlled by the arrows and other keys on the keyboard, and there can be as many as three players at one table, so the chances of having fun are really high. Remember not to let your companions approach you - they are just pretending to be with you! In the brutal world of the wild, there is no room for cooperation, and anyone can become your potential killer.

Fans of the possibility of personalizing and adjusting the graphic reality to visual preferences will surely be pleased with the fact that at the beginning every player can choose their fish character. Pro tip: choose one with the most dangerous looks and the hurdles will be afraid to come!

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