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Drunken Tug War


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About the game Drunken Tug War

Drunken Tug War - simple fun, lots of fun

On the Only Games website you will find a comprehensive section with various games for two players. These include the simple and fun Drunken Tug War game. What is it about? Well - tug of war! This is a great way to find out who is stronger, smarter and more vigorous in ... the fingers of the hand. If you have a person you like to compete with and you are looking for a way to spend your free time, be sure to test them! Take a look even if you spend time only in your own good company - and for you there will be someone to play with.

At the beginning, simply select whether you will play with someone or choose a worthy opponent in the form of a computer machine. Regardless of the version, you have to prepare somehow to fight in the arena - a few push-ups and squats should be enough. Then you occupy one side of the board and proceed to action. A slow countdown announces the start of the game and then focus all your energy - the goal of Drunken Tug War is finally to pull the rope to your side.

Although losing does not have such bitter consequences as in the case of the famous tug of war theme in the popular Squid Game series broadcast on the streaming service, here it is worth taking a step closer to the task. Well, points from single wins accumulate, and the person who collects 5 of them in the fastest time wins the whole. It is true that the prize is not particularly impressive, but victory is a victory in the end.

Okay, but then… how to play Drunken Tug War? The answer is - nothing easier, you literally need one finger. The player on the right has an upward pointing arrow, and the player on the left has the letter W on the keyboard. Vigorously pressing these keys makes the competitor tug the rope harder and increases his advantage over the rival. Watch out for the green radioactive zone between the players - you can get burned here.

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