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Tug of war - let the stronger or the smarter win!

Tug of war is an interesting proposition of competitive fun with an adrenaline thrill. Some of them are done with the keyboard arrows, others require the use of the mouse, but anyway - most of the muscles remain stationary so it will be a rather relaxing effort. Also, exercise your mental strength to do your best in this form of play. A bit of distance and good humor will surely be useful!

Tug The Table is a slightly abstract version of the tug of war, because ... a table is being dragged. At the beginning, you decide whether you play alone or invite someone from your immediate vicinity to play with whom you will share the keyboard. You can also choose a location (at the beginning, only one of several interesting places is unlocked), a character (similarly) and a table (identical situation). You have to cleverly drag the piece of furniture to your side with a single button and watch out for the items lying on it. Focus and collect points effectively, which you can then exchange for interesting bonuses!

Squidly Game Tug of War is, in turn, a proposal referring to the famous Squid Game series. Another merciless game is to tug the rope and ... try to knock your opponents off the cliff. Use the keys to move the rope between you and stay on your toes - otherwise it could be your last game in the series. Be strong, cunning and composed and lead your crew to victory.

aplikacja mobilna