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Monster Tower Defense


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Monster Tower Defense is a typical tower defense game; that is, it consists primarily in defending oneself against enemy attacks. In this case, the enemies are multi-colored, rolling balls, which become more and more durable depending on the color and texture. Your line of defense are monsters that you can buy with the resources you earn.

When playing Monster Tower Defense, place more monster towers on the field to fire at the incoming invaders. By destroying enemies, you gain energy, which you can then use to buy even more defensive monsters. The more expensive they are, the stronger their attacks, so they can eliminate more enemies faster. Manage your resources wisely by strategically placing your weapons.

An interesting option in Monster Tower Defense is the interactive tutorial, thanks to which you will understand all the rules in no time. Of course, you can also skip it if you already have some experience in this type of titles or if you believe in your skills enough.

In terms of graphics, Monster Tower Defense looks fantastic, mainly due to the colorful, funny theme and amusing creatures. As many as 18 large, challenging levels are waiting to be unlocked, so what are you waiting for? Start playing now to discover more interesting locations!

Different types of monsters are unlocked as you progress. Use them wisely to win each level. The next monsters are more and more expensive, but it's definitely worth saving on them, taking into account the increasingly powerful attacks. Develop a brilliant strategy and under no circumstances let your opponents defeat you!

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