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Time Shooter 2 - space-time warp

Think you've seen every shooter game ever online? Here's a proposal that has a chance to surprise you - we're talking about Time Shooter 2, an innovative game for experienced adventurers. Try your hand at playing on new rules and see if it's something for you. Or maybe you don't like shooters at all, and this will be the one that will convince you? It's worth checking out!

The graphics are quite simple, slightly geometric and a bit abstract. However, you can clearly see that you are housed in some futuristic warehouse full of strange orange characters. There is a table in front of you with a weapon on it. Is this something for you? Right track! Hover over the gun and then grab it in your hand by clicking the mouse or touchpad in the designated place.

Now the real action begins, and therefore a lot of attractions! So what do you do with this weapon, and why does the world around you look like it's frozen? Well… You have the power to stop time! Sounds great, right? Time only runs when you move, and when you stop, time stops with you. In this way, you control not only how you move, but you also have a direct impact on how those orange people, i.e. your enemies, are positioned in relation to you. Don't let yourself be approached from behind or surprised in any way - if something unexpected happens, just stop and look around. Maybe it's time to take a different strategy?

Move around using the classic WASD keys, just like the arrow keys on your keyboard. You will also need a mouse or laptop touchpad - to reach for the weapon placed on the table, and then to use it. Try not to waste your ammo on inaccurate or unnecessary shots - it's not unlimited. If you run out of cartridges, just go back to the table for another pistol model and then test its firepower. Get ready for many exciting levels and use your full potential in Time Shooter 2.

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