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Moto Fury


About the game Moto Fury

Moto Fury is motorcycle racing at its best. Drive as far as you can using your dexterity and reflexes - avoid everything in front of you. The further you go, the harder it gets, but your score will increase. So run ahead like the wind! Good luck!

Moto Fury is a racing game that releases huge amounts of adrenaline and pulls you to the top of ... your helmet. We drive a motorcycle in it - and not just any bike, because it's a speeder! - and our task is to drive it as long as possible, avoiding collisions with other vehicles on the road. What happens in play should absolutely not be repeated in real life!

The motorcycle goes at dizzying speeds, which you have to get used to first. During the first few runs, we probably won't score too many points, but when we finally master the efficient avoidance of obstacles, the satisfaction will be really high, as will the number of points scored. Control is done with the directional arrows. Fortunately, we can use them not only to change lanes, but also to brake slightly when necessary (and it happens quite often, because the road we are moving on is very busy).

For each ride we get both points and gold coins. The latter can also be collected during trips. What do we need them for? After collecting enough of them, we can buy better motorcycles. The game includes a total of three vehicles, differing in speed, controllability and braking power (of course, they also look different). We also pay with gold coins for access to additional types of routes. The basic one leads through forested areas, but over time we can buy an urban or winter location. However, collecting the designated number of coins will take us some time, which, however, runs very quickly in Moto Fury.

Game features

  • riding a motorcycle (racer) at dizzying speed,
  • the longer you avoid other vehicles, the more points you earn,
  • three bikes and four locations to choose from (must be unlocked),
  • game available for free,
  • game available from a web browser.
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