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GTR Drift Fever


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About the game GTR Drift Fever

The most coveted GTR Cars Drift game features 5 different drift tracks and 1 city track! There are also 15 of the most wanted realistic drift car models. Stunning graphics, a wide range of unique sports cars, realistic driving experience, real drifting skills.


- Do the best drift ride and complete the level. Get the best score

- Get access to 15 sports cars and new tracks;

-Go fast! Remember, you are being chased by a police car!

DRIFT-RACING SIMULATORS Get ready for the most unique thrills of drifting. Drifting has never been so fun, exciting and intense. 15 UNIQUE CARS! A realistic drifting system and a high-quality car await. GTR, E46M3, M4, Charger, Civici, Viper, Supra, Evo, C63, 350z, WRx. RADIO OPTION You can listen to the radio whenever you want! SLOW MOTION! with this behavior you can perform the best fantastic action with your Car. RECORD GAME! Complete the game on a level and watch yourself repeat your best performance. MANY ANGLES OF THE CAMERA! You can choose from three different points of view: driver's point of view, rear view point and basic film angle.

Car movement: "ARROW KEYS", "W, A, S, D" Pause: "Escape" Handbrake: "Space" Camera shift: "C" Engage gear shifting: "Left Shift" Downshift: "Left Control" N Gear: "N" Boost / Nose: "F" Deceleration: "G" Lookback: "B" Danger of indicator: "Z" Low beam: "L" High beam: "K" Start / Stop Engine button: "I" Left indicator: "Q" Left indicator: "E" Recording: "R" Playback: "P"

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