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Formula Drag


About the game Formula Drag

If you want to take on the role of your favorite Formula 1 driver, this game is definitely for you. Formula Drag from onlygames.io is great fun not only for motorsport fans, but also for those who love to relax at the computer after a hard day at work. Formula Drag is addictive entertainment that will keep you glued to the screen for hours. Your favorite driver was Robert Kubica, who passed all his opponents like a string? That's what Formula Drag is all about. You don't need a driving license to conquer the world's tracks with the best cars the world has ever seen.

You have four different cars at your disposal, which start one at a time to reach the finish line with as many bases as possible. You can screw your record any amount of time; until you are satisfied with your final result. To win, start your car with the mouse and catch more base points at each turn.

The Formula Drag game can only be considered finished when you want it to be. You only have one life, but you can replay it as many times as you like. Simple, right? So set off in a Formula Drag race and don't look back - after all, the competition never sleeps! The fastest Pole in our history - Robert Kubica was a master of the steering wheel. In Formula Drag, you can become the mouse master. All you need is your efficiency and incredible dexterity.

Onlygames.io is where you'll find games of every genre. Players who like arcade games will be able to play Formula Drag or many other games where cleverness plays the biggest role. For those slightly calmer players, there will also be onlygames.io games, where they will be able to think about their next move in peace. We are a service for everyone, so don't wait! Try your hand today and see if today you will be the fastest driver on the virtual track.

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