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Red Ball Forever


About the game Red Ball Forever

Red Ball Forever - adventures of the red ball

Do you like platformers where you can have a good time and get a lot of fun and satisfaction from them? Red Ball Forever is a proposal that definitely belongs to such a group of games. The title red ball will accompany you on your journey by train, tram or bus (but not by bike!), Spend a break with you at work or at school, and make your boring evening pleasant or stand in line at the post office. See for yourself that this is the game for you!

It starts innocently - you just need to use the arrows to make a small ball move between the grassy platforms. Here you have to jump up, roll down the hill there, and in another place, lightly fly over the small groove with water. The beginning is really simple! With time, stairs begin to appear, but they add flavor to the whole fun! A shelf that needs to be moved to jump somewhere? A self-built bridge, helpful (or actually necessary) in getting to the other side of a rushing stream? Far climbing? These are all the challenges you can face in Red Ball Forever! And regardless of the difficulty level, the title ball still gives you a full, wide smile.

See those yellow stars that appear on your path? Collect them because they can come in handy! Each of the 14 levels available in Red Ball Forever has a specific number, and at the end of the level you get a score that sums up your achievements. How will you know when the desired finish is approaching? Look for red flags - they always herald your progress to the next level here.

After completing as many as 14 (which will not be a piece of cake, because there are still new difficulties!) You can unlock the so-called ... Endless mode, which is an endless mode. It is here that you will have the possibility of non-stop, uninterrupted fun, jumping, jumping and dipping together with the red charming companion. Start having fun now and see how you do in the Red Ball Forever platformer.

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