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Adam & Eve GO 2 - help Adam and Eve in the meeting

Do you know the series of games with Adam and Eve starring? If not, it's worth getting to know them - Adam & Eve GO 2 is one of such games. Your task is to control Adam and lead him to his beloved. Along the way, many obstacles in various forms await you, so you need to be careful not to get injured (or not lose your life altogether). Gates, locked padlocks, malicious characters that get in the way - all of these you have to deal with to complete the levels.

There are many levels of the game, so you will surely satisfy your hunger for adventures and puzzles. It starts with some really simple propositions, and then Adam & Eve GO 2 gets more and more difficult. The obstacles are fancier and there are more of them, as are the pitfalls that put Adam at risk on the route. You control your character with your keyboard's arrows and move across platforms - mainly left and right. The up-down plane allows you to operate ladders, cranes and other solutions that you encounter while playing.

Adam & Eve GO 2 is a good proposition for both children and adults. If you have no idea for a rainy afternoon with your children, offer them a slightly more attractive puzzle, in which what counts is combining, the ability to think logically and combine facts. Practice is the best way to improve such competences! Have a delicious meal and get caught up in this very rewarding series full of surprises. May Adam and Eve finally meet!

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