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The legendary pair of the first people in the world are the main characters of one of the simple games. Adam and Eve is a simple 2D game that involves logistic planning of actions in such a way that Adam can move from one part of the board to another. Sounds cliche? It is not like that! New challenges await you in different parts of the game, and each new level brings a higher level of difficulty. Remove obstacles from the character's path by combining and planning their routes.

Some Adam and Eve games use point and click - you find items that look interesting and useful (for example, various tools, animals, potentially moving objects) and click the cursor to see what happens. Will you carve a bridge? Will you distract a potential opponent? Use hammers, chisels, axes and the help of beavers, bats or ... dinosaurs. The character of Eve only appears as a person whom, for example, you finally have to reach in order to connect your loved ones with each other.

The second model of Adam and Eve games is one in which you use the arrows on the keyboard to navigate. Here, too, you have to look for hidden objects that will help you remove obstacles and traps to clear the route. The games are suitable for both older and young users - simple cause-and-effect sequences teach logical thinking and smart actions. Will you overcome all difficulties on the way of Adam and Eve?

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