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Pizza Ninja 3


About the game Pizza Ninja 3

Pizza Ninja 3 arcade game is fantastic fun for everyone! Become a kitchen craft ninja and defeat all incoming food items. Only by being faster than the eye will you break records! Also try to get the multiplier by single cuts.

Who doesn't like pizza?! However, to be able to eat this delicious Italian pie, you must first chop up a lot of ingredients. Ham, mushrooms, cheese or pineapple are just some of them. Will you be able to slice them all without getting stuck on any obstacles? This is what Pizza Ninja 3 is all about. You won't eat pizza here, but you'll have a great time!

Rules of the game Pizza Ninja 3

You may remember a game called Fruit Ninja. This is one of the most popular arcade games that triumphed on smartphones and tablets years ago. Pizza Ninja 3 uses the same idea and who knows if it doesn't do it even better than the original. In it, the player must help Chef Maro to cut as many pizza ingredients as possible.

The ones in Pizza Ninja 3 fly out from every side of the screen, and we cut them like a katana by dragging our finger through them. When there are several of them in front of our eyes - no problem. But when a dozen of them appear at the same time, it gets hot! What's more, there are also bombs flying out on the screen, which we must avoid at all costs. If we accidentally touch one of them, we lose.

The authors have prepared three game modes in Pizza Ninja 3. In the first of them - Arcade - we just have to cut as many ingredients as possible without getting stuck in a bomb. Simple but incredibly addictive. And the other two modes are even more interesting. In Challenge, we have to perform a specific task, e.g. halve a certain number of pineapples within a given time limit.

In turn, in Memory we receive a list of ingredients that Chef Maro needs, and then we have to cut them, avoiding all unnecessary meat, fruit or vegetables. Twenty stages of increasing difficulty await us. Each of them can end up with a rating of one to three stars.

Features of Pizza Ninja 3:

  • fun to cut pizza ingredients with your finger... i.e. katana,
  • watch out for exploding bombs!
  • three game modes: Arcade, Challenge and Memory,
  • game available for free,
  • game available from a web browser.
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