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Operation Desert Road


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About the game Operation Desert Road

Cold evenings bothering you? So why not go on a crazy escapade through the desert, hot areas? Although Operation Desert Road is a military game and your task will be to resist numerous enemies and not fall into their ambushes, the gameplay will certainly give you a lot of fun. Before you know it, an entire afternoon will pass, which you will spend in the company of a long, straight road, palm trees fluttering in the wind and sand dunes stretching for miles.

Although such an environment might seem monotonous, nothing could be further from the truth. Operation Desert Road will surprise you with the multitude of enemies you will encounter on your way. Watch out for tricky obstacles such as palm trees and anti-personnel mines that will damage your machine. You only have three chances before the GAME OVER message appears on the screen, so you'll need to be very reflexive and observant, because the further you go, the more points you'll collect.

Don't worry too much though - you're not completely defenseless against an enemy. With mouse clicks, you can launch projectiles to shoot down the target before you hit it. After all, you are taking part in a military operation in the desert, and there will be casualties. But if you don't make it in time, don't worry: obstacles can also be avoided with the help of extremely simple, intuitive controls that will keep you alert instead of constantly focusing on pressing the right keys.

The graphics in Operation Desert Road are stylized to resemble items released in the 1990s. Thanks to this, the whole thing looks extremely retro and will be a treat for people who remember those times. Simplicity affects the loading time of the application and its smooth operation. It will be perfect for people who want to test their reflexes without being nervous about stuttering gameplay. Thanks to this, you will focus all your anger on your enemies, and the desert military operation will be successful, without any damage to your tank!

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