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Shards: The Brickbreaker


O grze Shards: The Brickbreaker

The arcade game Shards: The Brickbreaker is a classic "Arkanoid" clone at its best. For those born too young, however, I will add what's going on - you use a paddle to bounce the ball and smash the colored blocks on the board, while collecting all kinds of bonuses that make the game easier or more difficult. Simple and fun! I recommend to everyone!

Surely you remember the iconic Arkanoid. And if you don't remember, at least you know. This is a cult game that was released in 1986. It turns out that over thirty years after its release, the idea for the game presented in it still works perfectly! You can recall it by launching Shards: The Brickbreaker. With this browser game, you'll feel like you've been transported back to the 80's!

Shards: The Brickbreaker Game Rules

The rules of play are practically the same here. Well, in Shards: The Brickbreaker at the top of the screen we have a collection of multi-colored elements (in this case they are glass bricks) that we have to break in the most spectacular way. We use a small metal ball for this, which we bounce with the paddle located at the bottom.

The player can only influence the setting of the latter - he can move it left or right on an ongoing basis, trying to bounce the ball as effectively as possible. At the same time, we have to watch out for other items falling from above, especially bombs - if one of them falls on the paddle, we lose.

Dozens of levels await you in Shards: The Brickbreaker. On each of them you have to break a different arrangement of bricks. The better you do, the better your rating (on a scale of one to three stars). In addition, you can adjust the speed of the game to your level of advancement. There are three options to choose from: slow, normal and fast. This last one is getting really hot!

Shards: The Brickbreaker's graphics are very simple, but that doesn't stop you from enjoying the bricks. On the contrary, it allows you to feel as if you are playing a game from thirty or forty years ago. The climate of the eighties is also emphasized by the specific music.

Features of Shards: The Brickbreaker

  • a game deceptively reminiscent of the legendary Arkanoid,
  • break the glass bricks in the most spectacular way,
  • watch out for items falling from above (especially bombs),
  • dozens of levels to pass,
  • three game speeds (slow, normal or fast).

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