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Birdy Rush


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About the game Birdy Rush

Birdy Rush is a title in which you have to show real reflexes. Guide the little bird and avoid all the crates falling from above! Break the record and become the Champion!

The arcade game Birdy Rush is a perfect example that the life of birds is not as carefree as it seems. Especially when they have to fight for every ear of grain, while escaping from wooden crates falling on their heads. Help the little bird survive and collect as much food as possible in Birdy Rush, a free game on Game Planet.

Life does not spoil. The little bird, the main character of the browser game Birdy Rush, knows this best. Only you can help him. Use simple controls to move around the map, climb crates and dive between them. The game is mainly about collecting ears of grain, which, after collecting the right amount, can be exchanged for various skins for the bird or used to unlock new lands.

The task is significantly hindered by new crates constantly falling from the sky, which you have to run away from and not let them crush you. The more crates you manage to survive, the higher your score is. The graphics are kept in the style of old games, which gives Birdy Rush an interesting, original look. There is also no shortage of funny, simple animations performed by our feathered friend.

The free game Birdy Rush has extremely simple rules, which does not mean that it is easy to play. Thanks to the possibility of constantly beating your own records, the gameplay is extremely addictive and provides a lot of emotions. Try Birdy Rush for free, put your reflexes to the test and help the poor little bird survive.

Features of Bird Rush

- Retro style arcade game;

- Ability to beat your own records;

- Different skins to unlock;

- Simple controls and easy game mechanics;

- Addictive fun for hardcore gamers.

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