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Cult games - not only for the sentimental ones

What browser games deserve to be called iconic? As a rule, these are suggestions that everyone knows well from somewhere. For example, from old versions of computers or from analog equivalents that require paper and pens rather than electronic devices and an Internet connection. Cult games are a good compromise when you and your siblings have no idea how to spend the evening or you cannot agree on the choice of fun.

Classic Minesweeper, which is probably known to most former owners of Windows computers, Minesweeper, is definitely a very popular game proposition. The mechanism is rather trivial - bombs are placed on a large field (its size depends in fact on the level of difficulty). As a sapper, it's your job to discover which tiles contain the hazard and where the safe spots are. Take care of yourself and use the clues to get creative. Remember that the sapper is only wrong twice: the first and the last.

Cult games also include all variations, for example, on the classic Tetris, such as Lucky Blocks. Arranging the colored blocks in an orderly system is not only relaxing, but also extremely enjoyable and rewarding. Such games have their crowds of fans, because their entry threshold is not high, and they develop to an interesting level. What else can you find in the cult category? Classic Pac Man, games like Bouncing Balls or balls and much more. The choice is really big.

aplikacja mobilna