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Monster Go


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About the game Monster Go

In the puzzle game Monster GO, you have to match cute Pokemons! However, when solving this puzzle, you must not forget to fill all the fields on the board, because this is a condition for completing the board.

About Monster GO

Monster GO is a puzzle game in which the main characters are cute creatures straight from Pokemon. This time, instead of catching them, you have to help them find their pair. Excellent entertainment in which imagination and spatial planning skills are essential. Try Monster GO now for free on Game Planet, enjoy cute monster faces and connect them all!

The Monster GO browser game is sweet in itself. Fairy-tale, animated graphics and a whole herd of cute Pokemon make it hard to resist. The rules of the game are very simple, and additionally, in the main menu, there is a short tutorial. The gameplay is about connecting pairs of cute creatures using colorful lines. Every time one of the Pokemon finds its doppelgänger, its face starts to smile, and sounds of undisguised joy can be heard in the background.

The entire space of the board must be filled with lines, but none of the colors can intersect. To get the highest score, you need to play the entire level using as few moves as possible. Monster GO has over 200 levels to complete, with each level getting harder and harder. There are different sizes of the board to choose from, and the more fields to fill, the more complicated the game becomes. Join the group of lovers of cute monsters, stretch your imagination, beat all records and make every Pokemon find its pair.

Features of Monster GO

- A puzzle game for Pokemon lovers (and not only);

- Simple and clear game rules;

- More than 200 levels to play;

- Boards in various sizes to choose from;

- Increasingly difficult and more complicated challenges;

- Addictive, fun entertainment and brain training all in one.

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