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Car Wash


About the game Car Wash

Today our car wash is very popular. Lots of cars of different models have arrived here and are waiting in line. Your child only needs to choose a favorite one, wash it with detergents, a sponge and water, wipe it and dry it. After all, our car wash is well equipped and will help your child cope with the task. Here there is everything for washing the car, cleaning, polishing, painting and tuning. After washing the car thoroughly, using its imagination, car enthusiasts can paint the car any color, change the wheels and put a bright colored sticker on it to distinguish it from the rest. This will give the car a more attractive appearance and personality. Playing in a car wash will help your child develop hand coordination, attention and perseverance, and learn colors. Gives the child an idea of how to wash and paint the car. Your child can spend unforgettable moments creating something on their own.

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aplikacja mobilna