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About the game Mandala Kids

Mandala Kids - coloring pages without paper

Mandala Kids is one of a long list of games for kids created by NAU.Kids. This time you get access to beautiful coloring pages that do not require any additional activities except finding a comfortable place in a comfortable armchair and having fun. Offer Mandala Kids to bored children on a rainy summer afternoon when there is nothing to do, or on a trip when most activities are problematic due to the size. Would it be difficult to unfold the coloring book with all the supplies? All you need is a tablet and a bit of space for the fun to roll great.

Mandala Kids comes with a large set of beautiful mandalas. With them, you get colorful, cute paints that you can use to create a masterpiece. There are only 8 colors, but it's just right to create a series of unique works of art and not repeating the motifs once used. The graceful pattern of the mandala also takes various forms, from simple patterns to extremely complex, intricate patterns.

It would be difficult to list all the advantages of the online coloring book fun! It's an ecological and economical solution - you don't use precious paper and you don't need crayons, paints or other accessories, so it's good for your wallet and the planet. In addition, after Mandala Kids, all you have to do is listen to the applause (after completing the entire project) and close the browser, and painting with paints in the apartment can be very, very different ... So, have a lot of fun!

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