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8 Ball Pool


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About the game 8 Ball Pool

Do you like playing pool and the bar is closed? Nothing lost! Thanks to the 8 Ball Pool game, you can play any number of pool games without leaving your home. You'll enjoy this classic, completely free version of the already cult game in virtual version, available in three difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard. Thanks to this, you can adjust it completely to your skills and preferences, and your opponent in the form of artificial intelligence will be on your heels, making you think carefully about your every move.

When you start the game for the first time, you will be greeted by a short control guide. If you are just starting your adventure with 8 Ball Pool, it is worth getting acquainted with it to avoid nervous clicking of the mouse and getting annoyed that not everything works as it should. Controlling a billiard cue is simple, but well thought out by the creators of the game, so you can experiment with it to achieve different effects.

Your task is to pocket all colored balls, whole or half (depending on which are assigned to you), into the pocket. This depends on which ball is captured first when they scatter on the first shot in the early game. In the final stage, only the cue ball and the black ball should remain on the table - potting the latter will end the game, and thus your victory, as long as you have already managed to get rid of all your balls.

Noteworthy is the attention to detail in the graphics in 8 Ball Pool. Online billiards has never been so realistic - marking the trajectory of the cue ball will allow you to predict much better how to make your next move, which makes the fight against AI seem more even. The interface is very simple and aesthetic, thanks to which nothing distracts your attention. In the menu you will also find a number of amenities, such as the ability to turn down or turn up music and sound effects. You can also reach for help related to game mechanics at any time.

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