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9 Ball Pool


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About the game 9 Ball Pool

Ball Pool - solo billiards

Are bar games your thing and all the nuances about them are familiar to you? Regardless of what the answer is and whether you are a professional or a completely amateur player, it can be something pleasant for you. Best of all, Ball Pool is completely free to play online and you can play it whenever you feel like it. Both when you are sitting at home and when you are waiting in line at the store or during a break at work or school. What are you testing?

In classic billiards in the so-called offline version, the whole fun is based on the proper arrangement of the cue in relation to the table and aiming at the colorful balls that fit on it. In fact, you should aim at the only white one, which should move the next elements, making them go into the pockets. The order is important, and in the case of playing with an opponent, also the fact whether a given player chooses the balls completely or half-colored. You have to focus on one!

Ball Pool is a version for people who want to polish their technique and find pleasure in peaceful practice. How to play this game? You simply use the mouse to select the point where your tool should be applied, and then drag the element, deciding with what force you hit the balls. The moment you let go of the key, there is a strike, and you can observe the effects. Remember to aim the balls in such a way that the lowest denominations go into the pockets first. Try to put all 9 in the right order and then a new table will load. Try to score as many points as possible in a five-minute game!

Scoring is varied - you get points for every time you pocket a ball, for doing it in the right order, for balls that are left on the table, plus special bonuses if you manage to pocket all the pieces without failing. Remember, practice makes perfect - the more you play, the better it will go!

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