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About the game Pool Club

Pool Club - join the pool club

Club music, dimmed lights and a characteristic atmosphere - you enter a place where you can definitely play billiards. And on the spot you find the whole table at your exclusive disposal. You can practice, play, test your staking or cueing strategies, setups and models. The Pool Club will allow you to practice on your own terms, if you feel like it. So, let's start the fun?

For every billiards fan, and for every fan of billiards, the sight of a green table covered with balls is probably a sight that evokes at least a little excitement. And then comes the first shot of the cue, which should at least slightly scatter the balls. How hard you do this depends on your individual game plan. Maybe you can put a few in the pockets right away? Or will they just move sideways, staying in a comfortable focus, waiting for the next touchdown?

If you don't know the basic rules of billiards, you can easily learn them at Pool Club. You must always apply the cue to the cue ball, in a certain order, and then stretch it by gently moving it away and apply it with a certain force, matched to the distance that the ball is to travel. Only this white ball can hit the others and make them go towards the pockets (i.e. gaps around the table). In classic competitive play, one player draws balls that are all colored, and the other half-colored. In the single-player edition, you only have one of them, but you don't need the others.

Make sure that the balls go into the pockets preferably in order from the smallest to the largest denomination (which, however, can be quite difficult, especially at the beginning). Check how many times you can remove the entire set from the table before the time runs out. Pool Club introduces only a subtle pressure of passing minutes, but if you don't fit in the designated pool, unfortunately, there will be an unpleasant game over, i.e. game over. Make sure you don't see this sign!



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